Peter, You deserve this Testimonial

I run a business in Melbourne which is high end detailing of exotic cars and general vehicles and for so many years with my old website, my rankings struggled with my
old SEO guy in Melbourne. As many times as I complained, this service just could not get the results I wanted in order to get my phone ringing. Well, the time came
that I had to build a new website and from there on I realised that no matter what website I had or how good it looked sitting in position 1000.000.00 isn't going to help

At least not me anyway. Peter came recommended to me through a friend of mine and when I spoke to him, I could tell this guy knew what he was talking about. Happy
go lucky guy, friendly to deal with and when it comes to his business, absolutely ruthless when it comes to delivering results. I'm now in position one and two for some
of my most targeted keywords. He did say to me....
" if you really want to rank, you need to follow what I'm going to tell you and forget
everything you've heard in the past. Do this, and you will see results. "
 I'll never forget those words. Weeks later, the site was ranking.....WHAT

The best thing was I couldn't believe how fast I saw changes in my rankings. This man is definitely a know it all when it comes to getting better rankings and getting the
phone ringing. Peter, thank you so much for making it happen for me. I don't know where I would have turned to had I not got that recommendation that day. Guys like
this are certainly needed in this Niche

Best of luck Buddy
Eurogloss Prestige
Wow is all i can say!!!!!!!

finally I have met an SEO genius after months of pain staking trial and error with other companies claiming to be 'The best'. Australian companies that guarantee this,
and guarantee that, and than outsource all your content and seo to places like India etc. Although some outsourcing is good, my content was so poor an Aussie
couldn't even read it.

My previous bad experiences have cost me thousands of dollars, and i gained little or no ranking in the 3 to 4 months i used them.
I feel truly blessed to have met 'Peter Karpouzas' from PK SEO Sydney. Just 2-3 weeks ago I was about to give up on my Isagenix website when i read a blog from Peter. I was really impressed with what he wrote, but more so with what he was offering. He was offering exactly
what i was after.

He was offering a fully personilsed service, a genuine Aussie working with me all the way. Peter does all the SEO himself, he contacts me on a regular basis and gets
more excited than me when ranks higher and higher and higher. In just 3 weeks my website has sky rocketed from the google abyss to page 1
in 5 kewords out of 9. The other 4 keywords are ranking high on pages 2 and 3, but Peter is very confident we will be page 1, number 1 before long.

And i say we, as yes we are a team.....Peter is just so easy going, i liked him straight away after our 1st phone call. I knew this guy was a guy i could trust, a guy that
was going to deliver results, and a guy that i definitely wanted to do my SEO for my website. Id like to personally highly recommend Peter for any SEO work needed
from a perspective client. He truly does deliver in every sense of the word, he is there with you every step of the way, has a really massive great sense of humour like
myself, and is a dream to work with and even have a laugh with.

Peter only takes on so many clients, to keep this service truly personilsed. Ive never met a guy who puts this much pride and enthusiasm to his work. I told Peter this
morning he has a Gift from God. I call him 'The jedi knight of SEO'
Since the Panda and Penguin shifts which shook the internet world and rocked the life out of many
businesses, Google no longer requires websites with loads and loads of content, which isn't a bad thing. On
page structure has actually been simplified.

How you structure your site does play a role and keyword placement is critical. Social media also plays a
critical role. How your website is viewed by the general public as far as bounce rate is concerned is vital to
your small business. Load
times, content, on page links and structure are some of the most vital elements to your site. We can examine
your site and tell where it could do with some improving and once implemented correctly, you should see
some improvements in
website rankings.
Search engine optimisation isn't difficult  but, it does take time to implement correctly. If you are using an SEO agency in Sydney that is using automated software
for building spamed links automatically and building links in the thousands per month, your website could stand to get penalised. Once penalised, it doesn't come
back. Google is getting smarter every day. We are a
Sydney link building consultants that delivers on page results using ethical methods that follow Google
guidelines and algorithms.

Many businesses that used
SEO services which utilised spamming link building software saw their websites suffer in the panda and penguin updates. I can assist
your business with natural link building and even provide information for improving your on page factors. So if your website is lingering somewhere in the weeds and
you would like to see some major improvements in Google rankings, give us a call. We believe in working slow and getting fast results, than working fast and getting
penalised.You really are dealing with an
expert in search engine marketing when it comes to ranking websites.

We are a
back linking specialist that knows a lot about using Internet marketing to achieve online exposure. I provide search engine optimization services or
link building packages directly for your business. There is no middle man or major company. If you are serious about using an SEO service in Sydney that has
been doing this for quite a few years and is post Panda and Penguin savvy, then give me a call today for your
SEO Quote.

PK  SEO: Best In Sydney Australia
When it comes to organic search engine optimisation, the off page tuning plays a critical role in your
rankings. You can have a well optomized site on page but if you don't have enough off page investment your
site will not do as well as expected. Linking is seen by Google as a vote to your website. The old Google
algorithm required anchor text links with your chosen keywords pointing to your site in order for your site to
rank high on Google. These days, it has changed. No longer does it mean that you have to have thousands of
links to rank well but rather quality links to rank well. No longer can you use your chosen keywords alone for
ranking. This can have you heavily penalised. This today is the wrong way to carry out
online marketing
techniques. SEO services or link building for small and large scale business now takes time and investment
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SEO by PK SEO Services Sydney
As of 2012, Google unleashed around the globe what was known as Google Panda and Google Penguin. This was basically a major algorithm shift which
when applied to the web, any website that no longer complied with the new algorithm shift came crashing down and they came crashing down in the millions.
Think of It as kind of an earthquake. If your website didn't have a solid foundation, it came crashing down. After all, there are many factors that determine high
google rankings on a website these days and if your provider is using old  Google white hat or black hat techniques, your business website is likely
Deal with the Sydney specialists and be up to date with Google.
We often look at some local Sydney companies and the SEO services they provide and when we check where exactly they rank with Google, we often find
that although some may be at the top of Google, it is only because they are ranked a little bit better than the poorly optimised sites beneath them. This
basically means that if you were to suddenly improve your on page factors and off page, you would have a sudden jump towards the first page provided your
site wasn't penalised from Google Panda Or Penguin. Sites that have been penalised by Panda and Penguin are extremely difficult to recover if at all
regardless of what online
marketing web promotion tactics you may carry out.
We don't sell any form of paid advertising. Anyone Who Does is not really an expert on free or organic search and does not understand organic positioning
and would rather Sell You Page One using Adwords. Natural website position or rankings is organic, not Pay Per Click. So how do you get better website
ranking results using online marketing services ? By dealing with
Professional SEO or Internet consultants that understand a lot about website
optimization or online marketing, not an Adwords ad, that's how. Most
website marketing agencies or companies employ staff to do this which usually
provides meager results in terms of effective website positioning on Google or other search engines. This is what forces small business owners to take up
expensive Adwords advertising. Real SEO consultants are usually providing SEO services directly to clients themselves with Internet marketing that provide
results for the long haul to get your website to page 1 and keep you there regardless of your niche in the organics, not
Adwords marketing. Adwords
marketing is the easy way out while you have a healthy budget. Once your budget has diminished, so has your Adwords ad and in turn, the online exposure to
your website. Why invest in an Adwords ad instead of your website rankings?
We only provide top Search Engine Optimization services that achieve the best online marketing results in this industry. There are many web agencies out
there and we are a little different to the rest. I have been involved with Google rankings since 2003 and am willing to assist you
with your
organic search engine optimisation needs. Read more about our internet marketing.   We don't deal with the every day market in tuning
business websites in commercial industry but rather with
affiliate marketing experience behind us.The toughest industry to compete in. We only deal with
the best experts that know every nook and cranny of Google.
Affiliate marketing Search engine optimization is the most aggressive form of website
optimization you can get. And when you deal with PK, you are definitely in with the best in Google positioning
If you are looking for Sydney SEO consultants, I am a an SEO expert that just achieves page one rankings for your own online presence. Not an Adwords ad.
Ranking ourselves as one of the
top ten SEO companies in Australia for our targeted keywords isn't easy but if we can pull that off in our niche, then there is
a lot  we can do for you.  Improving website rankings on search engines  today is not easy and most businesses turn to Adwords companies or paid
advertising to achieve desired results instead of real Internet Professionals and in most cases produces poor results. Thinking of using an Adwords company
? Save your money and get away from
SEO Specialists who claim that search engine optimisation is Adwords and position one means paying for It. SEO
is really only off page
link building and website tuning for those who are not familiar with the industry
Companies or Agencies in Sydney are a dime a dozen which provide affordable link building or search engine optimization that just provides no real
results. So deal with online marketing consultants instead. This is low cost SEO that works because we know what is needed to rank. PK is basically a
professional in off page
Internet marketing Services. Being the best web expert rankings service in Sydney is just the beginning. We provide services
Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or basically for any company in Australia. We also have affordable packages. For Campbelltown residents we are
conveniently located in the
Macarthur regions of Campbelltown.  We get you to the top and if you stay with us, you will always stay on top . We are not so
much a major company but rather a dedicated
consultant.If you are in Campbelltown, call us today.
Yes, that's right, get on page 1 organically by dealing with real online marketing services in the know About Google. Internet marketing in Sydney today is
very competitive and most
web marketing agencies will try to sell many bells and whistles with their link building packages but all we do is provide
affordable link building packages that are maintainable for low budgets for small business that can't afford Adwords and would rather invest in small
cheap link building packages over the long term for local or
nationwide seo
SEO Services Sydney
Before you read any further, let me ask you
something. Are you here because you believe you
need an
Adwords marketing company for your
small business to be on page 1 ? Have you been
brainwashed into believing that
is who you need for your Search
engine marketing
or search engine
?  If you believe this and don't want
real guidance, then you don't belong here and I
can't help you.

If on the other hand, if you are a little bit wiser to
the rest, then read on and see what real
SEO is all
about and, let me tell you, no one needs Adwords
to be on page one of Google.
" I am the real deal "
and there is only a handful of us in Australia. I build
sound solid SEO. it's knowledge and knowledge is
power. My site beats million dollar companies in the
rankings daily....
" PERIOD "   
Affordable SEO Monthly Packages For Local Small Business
What can I say, from being no where to be found in the organics to position two within a month for my targeted keyword. UNBELIEVABLE !!

All this is thanks to Peter at PK SEO. The knowledge this SEO guru possesses is something to behold and far surpasses anyone I have dealt with before. He wasn't
wrong when he said to me he deals with serious Pros in ranking websites. He passed that statement with flying colours. I had to spend thousands before on adwords
to show up on page 1, no more do I need to be spending thousands of dollars on adwords which expires once your budget runs out and for someone like me that has
saved me many dollars.  My site is now on page 1 after Peter's efforts.

I highly recommend Peter for his knowledge in SEO and his service and he is quick to respond to emails and more importantly, for me I felt like I was treated like a
human being and Peter could see the needs to my business being important and treated it like it was his own.  Not once did I feel let down, in fact I felt comfortable
working with Peter and that I could trust his seo advise and get on with my business. This is an Internet marketing professional that just does his job and excels at it.
There's nothing more I can say. A very unique organics specialist

Thank you Peter for all your hard work and understanding.
Mina G
MPK Consulting
For one of the best Web Guys in Sydney

To anybody that may inquire about PK's levels of service in search engine know how, let me just say I personally hired Peter to assist our business in getting from no
visibility on Google to page 1 in such a short period of time which was just ridiculous. Under two weeks in fact. I can not recommend this man enough to anyone who
would seek his services in wanting to be found on Google. Adwords has been offered to me so many times but from negative comments which I have heard with
expenses and other associated misuse, it was not a viable option for my business. When I hired Peter to help start ranking our site on Google he took the time and
explained the ins and outs of where our site stood at the time and what possibilities our site had to rank better. A short time later, results were delivered in spades.

Good work Peter and thank you for being there for our business.
A1 Subaru
A True Blue Australian Who Builds Rock solid results in Australia for Australians
High Powered Custom SEO Plans
SEO Packages To Suit Any Small Business
We can build you a professional looking website for any
business as well. Joomla, Wordpress, Wocommerce
Lin building services Sydney
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Why Choose PK SEO Services Sydney ?
Because We are Low Cost SEO Consultants and our Monthly SEO Link building Services Just work
Cheap Affordable Monthly SEO Plans For Small Business
Don't be Dupped By Cheaper Budgets.....They ..." DON'T " ...Work
They only get your domain penalised in the long run
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Low Cost SEO Packages
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If you need a cheap and affordable linkbuilding plan that delivers for
your small business then we can help with cheap packages as low as
$950 pm. Larger packages available for more competative niches
Real Affordable SEO Experts That Provide Web Results Without Adwords
Invest In Your Website Rankings, Not An Adwords Ad
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Peter, you are a Godsend

When I initially had my website built for gay dating services, I didn't know who to turn to until I was recommended to Peter as I was informed he had vast  strengths in
affiliate marketing, however, I was still skeptical even though this was an affiliate dating site which is very competitive in the online dating scene. Peter is not one of the
cheapest SEO hot guys around but he certainly packs the bang for the dollar value from a gay dating site scene. Peter had my site visible on the web within a matter
of days and onto page 2 within weeks. My site now, after six weeks is already ranking on page one for its targeted keyword terms. Being on page one in such  a short
space of time for one of my keyword terms " gay match " is just insane. Peter, you are absolutely amazing dear. I don't know what I would have done without your
assistance in ranking my  website and especially so fast, just the way I like it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Oh and by the way, if you ever need my
services you handsome man you, please don't hesitate to ask darling. Hahaha just joking!


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